UAAP Final Four - Format


  • If no team sweeps the elimination round:
    • Seeds #1 and #2 teams possess the twice to beat advantage
    • Team #1 meets #4 while #2 meets #3 in the semifinals.
    • The semifinal winners advance to the Finals.
    • The team that wins 2 games in the Finals wins the championship.
  • If a team sweeps the elimination round:
    • Seed #1 advance to the Finals.
    • Seed #2 advance to the semifinals with the twice to beat advantage.
    • Teams #3 and #4 face off to meet #2 in the semifinals in a one-game playoff.
    • In the finals, the #1 seed only has to win twice, while the other opponent has to win thrice.
  • In case of two teams being tied, an extra game will be played to determine which seed they will possess.
  • In case of three or more teams being tied, the team with the best head-to-head record usually possesses the best seeding, while the other teams will play an extra game to determine the second-best seeding,

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