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Sire Ma - Filmography - Television Dramas
2011 Relic of an Emissary Fu Siu-kiu TVB Anniversary Award for Most Improved Female Artiste River of Wine Tsang Yuk-fong TVB Anniversary Award for Most Improved Female Artiste Nominated — TVB Anniversary ...
Michelle Yim - Film, Television and Stage Credits - Television
... Television Year English/Chinese title Role Network Awards Notes 1975 Ups and Downs 樓上樓下 CTV 1976 Saga of Sui Tang Dynasty 隋唐風雲 CTV Legend of the Condor Heroes 射雕英雄傳 Wong Yung CTV 1st Female Lead The Return of the Condor Heroes 神雕俠侶 Wong Yung CTV Heroes From Guangdong 廣東好漢 CTV Blindness 雌雄金剛之盲禍 CTV 1977 Small vs Big 細魚食大魚 CTV Side Story of the Pugilistic World 武林外史 CTV Yee Pik Wan Tin 義薄雲天 CTV Dream of the Red Chamber 紅樓夢 CTV 1978 Love Affairs 名流情史 CTV The Wind and Thunderous Saber 風雷第一刀 CTV 1979 The Twins 絕代雙驕 So Ying TVB 1980 On The Waterfront 湖海争霸录 RTV The Dynasty 大内群英 RTV Fatherland (II) - Radical City 大地恩情之古都惊雷 RTV Tai Chi Master 太極張三豐 To Choi-yi RTV 1981 The Coma 大昏迷 RTV Princess Cheung Ping 武俠帝女花 RTV The Legendary Fok 大俠霍元甲 Chiu Sin-nam RTV 1982 Hong Kong'82 香港82 TVB The Legend of Master So 蘇乞兒 Siu Ling TVB 1983 Tiger Hill Trail 再向虎山行 ATV Heroes From Zhujiang 珠江群龍 ATV 1984 The Undercover Agents 四大名捕 ATV Below The Lion Rock 獅子山下之落雨擔遮 RTHK Miracle of the Orient I 香江歲月1 RTHK 1985 Chronicles of the Shadow Swordman 萍蹤俠影錄 Wan Lui 雲蕾 ATV 1st Female Lead Romance of the Maples Leaves 楓葉盟 Chin Wen Fung 秦文鳳 TTV The Legendary Prime Minister – Zhuge Liang 諸葛亮 Siu-kiu ATV Chor Lau-heung 楚留香新傳 Su Rongrong / Su Mangmang CTV 1986 Rise of the Great Wall 秦始皇 Suet-ying ATV The Royal Sword 金劍神傳 Lady C.I.D 柔情點三八 ATV 1987 Laugh In The Sleeves 啼笑姻緣 ATV 1988 Mai Wan 迷魂 ATV The Formidable Lady From Shaolin 少林與詠春 Yim Wing-chun TVB Law and Order 法網柔情 ATV Hung Ling 凶靈 ATV Storm In October 十月風暴 ATV August Scent 八月桂花香 TTV 1989 Lady Enforcer 皇家儷人 ATV 1990 Heaven's Retribution 還看今朝 Shum Suet-ying ATV Bloodshed Over the Forbidden City 血染紫禁城 Empress Dowager Cixi ATV Last Song for Killer 殺手輓歌 ATV 1991 The Good Fella From Temple Street 廟街豪情 Cheung Wai-tak ATV Legend of A Beauty 一代天驕 SBC 1992 Queen of the Opera 香港傳奇人物之天之嬌女 ATV Casanova In China 伯虎为卿狂 Mui Lan-sin ATV AIDS Carrier 性本善之帶菌者 RTHK Return To The Truth 還我今生 Lam Suk-han ATV Mythical Crane and Magical Needle 92 仙鶴神針 Lam Chui-dip ATV 1993 CYC Family CYC家族 Mind Our Own Business 開心華之里 Ching Yu-chu TVB 1995 Down Memory Lane 萬里長情 Yuen Sau-lan TVB Justice Pao 包青天之滄海月明珠有淚 Ngok Ming-chu ATV 1996 Justice Pao 包青天之忘情酒坊 To Sap-sam TVB 1st Female Lead King of Gambler 千王之王重出江湖 Sam Siu-chun ATV Miracle of the Orient II 香江歲月II RTHK 1997 The Snow is Red 雪花神劍 Nip Mei-neung ATV 1998 King Fei Kau Leung Chu Sam Kok 警匪較量珠三角 2000 Bond of Friendship 人間友情 HVD 1st Female Lead 2001 Reaching Out 美麗人生 Chan Kiu TVB The Heaven Sword The Dragon Sabre Yan So-so TVB Supporting Role 2002 Cash is King 勝券在握 Leung Bing-bing SPH 2004 Venture Against Time 子是故人來 Sing Mei-kuen ATV 2005 The Academy Chan Yin-Ting TVB Supporting Role The Rainbow Connection 舞出彩虹 Ching Rui-suet MediaCorp 3rd Female Lead The Gentle Crackdown 秀才遇著兵 Gam Ying TVB Nominated - TVB Anniversary Award for Best Supporting Actress (Top 5) 2nd Female Lead Into Thin Air 人間蒸發 Kong Lai-ping TVB Supporting Role 2007 The Brink of Law 突圍行動 Sung Gam-chi TVB Nominated - TVB Anniversary Award for Best Actress (Top 20) Nomianted - Astor Wah Lai Toi Award for Best Villain 4th Female Lead Heart of Greed 溏心風暴 Ling Lei 凌莉 TVB Nominated - TVB Anniversary Award for My Favourite Female Character (Top 24) 4th Female Lead On the First Beat 學警出更 Chan Yin-ting 陳燕婷 TVB Supporting Role ICAC Investigators 2007 廉政行動2007 Lei Yuet-kuen 李月娟 TVB 1st Female Lead 2008 Moonlight Resonance 溏心風暴之家好月圓 Yan Hung 殷紅 TVB Won - TVB Anniversary Award for Best Actress Won - Asian Television Awards 2009 for Best Actress Won - Guangzhou TV Awards 2009 for Best Actress 2nd Female Lead Love Tribulations 鎖清秋 Yin Shi-hong 殷惜紅 GZBN 3rd Female Lead 2009 Beyond the Realm of Conscience 宮心計 Chung Suet-ha 鍾雪霞 TVB Nominated - TVB Anniversary Award for Best Supporting Actress (Top 5) 3rd Female Lead The Great Handmaiden 大丫鬟 Liang Yu-yu 梁玉茹 HNETV 3rd Female Lead 2010 The Season of Fate 五味人生 Wang Yeuk-lam 汪若嵐 TVB Nominated - TVB Anniversary Award for Best Actress (Top 15) Nominated - My AOD Favourite Award for Best Actress (Top 12) 2nd Female Lead Beauty Knows No Pain 女人最痛 Wong Hoi-king, Noble 汪海鯨 TVB 2nd Female Lead Show Me the Happy 依家有喜 Chai Chuen, Anna 齊荃 TVB 2nd Female Lead 2012 The Bride with White Hair Ling Muhua HSTV Supporting Role The Confidant 大太監 Empress Dowager Cixi 慈禧太后 TVB Nominated - TVB Anniversary Award for Best Actress (Top 5) Nominated - TVB Anniversary Award for My Favourite Female Character (Top 10) Nominated - My AOD Favourite Award for Best Actress (Top 12) Nominated - My AOD Favourite Award for My Favourite Teleision Character 1st Female Lead Palace 2 宮鎖珠簾 Concubine Yun's mother 雲嬪母 HBS Xuan-Yuan Sword Scar Of Sky Nüwa 2013 Earth God and Earth Grandmother TBD Triumph in the Skies II Musical stage performances Year English/Chinese title Notes 1982 Madame White Snake 白蛇傳 1990 Cyrano De Bergerac 美人如玉劍如虹 1992 Tin Nui San Wah 天女散華 1995 The Flirty Doctor 風流醫生手尾長 My Date With Spring 我和春天有個約會 1996 Hu Du Men 虎度門 2001 The Butterfly Lovers 梁祝 guest star. ...
Amy Wong (producer) - Filmography
... Dawn 愛在暴風的日子 Burning Flame 烈火雄心 Asian Television Award for Best Drama Series Next TV Award for Top 10 TV Programmes (#4 ...

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