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Groshong Line
... A Groshong line is a type of both tunneled or non-tunneled intravenous catheter used for central venous access ... to the Hickman line, the tip of the catheter is in the superior vena cava, and the catheter is tunneled under the skin to an incision on the chest wall, where the distal end of the ...
Central Venous Catheter - Types - Non-tunneled Vs. Tunneled Catheters
... Non-tunneled catheters are fixed in place at the site of insertion, with the catheter and attachments protruding directly ... Commonly used non-tunneled catheters include Quinton catheters ... Tunneled catheters are passed under the skin from the insertion site to a separate exit site, where the catheter and its attachments emerge from ...
Real Time Messaging Protocol - Basic Operation - HTTP Tunneling
... In RTMP Tunneled (RTMPT), RTMP data is encapsulated and exchanged via HTTP, and messages from the client (the media player, in this case) are addressed to port 80 (the ... While the messages in RTMPT are larger than the equivalent non-tunneled RTMP messages due to HTTP headers, RTMPT may facilitate the use of RTMP in scenarios where the use of non-tunneled RTMP would otherwise not be ...
Ether CAT - Gateways
... Also other Ethernet protocols can be used in conjunction with EtherCAT The Ethernet frames are tunneled via the EtherCAT protocol, which is the standard approach for internet applications (e.g ... impaired since the master dictates exactly when the tunneled transfers are to occur and how much capacity of the 100Mbit/s media the tunneled protocols can use ...
Central Venous Catheter - Types - Implanted Port
... A port is similar to a tunneled catheter but is left entirely under the skin ... An implanted port is less obvious than a tunneled catheter and requires very little daily care ... activities than a PICC line or a tunneled catheter ...

Famous quotes containing the word tunneled:

    It was a cruel city, but it was a lovely one, a savage city, yet it had such tenderness, a bitter, harsh, and violent catacomb of stone and steel and tunneled rock, slashed savagely with light, and roaring, fighting a constant ceaseless warfare of men and of machinery; and yet it was so sweetly and so delicately pulsed, as full of warmth, of passion, and of love, as it was full of hate.
    Thomas Wolfe (1900–1938)

    The only free road, the Underground Railroad, is owned and managed by the Vigilant Committee. They have tunneled under the whole breadth of the land.
    Henry David Thoreau (1817–1862)