Truth Claims

Some articles on truth claims:

European Council Of Religious Leaders - Vision and Work - The European Council of Religious Leaders' Berlin Declaration On Interreligious Dialogue
... Many religions make truth claims that are mutually exclusive ... and the full participation in society than the explicit or implicit truth claims of secular ideologies ... Dialogue between religions, cultures and social groups is often dialogue across opposing truth claims and world views ...
Ateapotist - Objections
... says it is logically erroneous to assert that positive truth claims bear a burden of proof while negative truth claims do not ... He says that all truth claims bear a burden of proof, and that like Mother Goose and the tooth fairy, the teapot bears the greater burden not because of its negativity, but because ...
Truth Claim - Types - Positive and Negative
... One major division of truth claims is that between positive and negative truth claims ... Positive truth claims proclaim the existence of an object or entity ... Negative truth claims are the opposite and proclaim the non-existence of an object or entity ...

Famous quotes containing the words claims and/or truth:

    A clumsy fool claims his knife is blunt.
    Chinese proverb.

    The poet will write for his peers alone. He will remember only that he saw truth and beauty from his position, and expect the time when a vision as broad shall overlook the same field as freely.
    Henry David Thoreau (1817–1862)