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Troupes De Marine - Uniform
... The modern Troupes de marine uniform is the same as for other units of the French army (light beige, plain green or woodland or desert camouflage according to circumstances) ... This traditional uniform gave the nickname of "the Blue Division" to the Troupes de marine units involved in the 1870 Franco-Prussian War ... calot (forage cap) with red piping and anchor badge was the usual distinction of the Troupes de marine ...
Marine (military) - Historical Marine Forces - France
... The Troupes de marine were founded in 1622 (as compagnies ordinaires de la mer) as land forces under the control of the Secretary of State of the Navy, notably for operations in French Canada ... The Compagnies de la Mer were transformed in line infantry regiments by Napoleon, but became once more marine forces in 1822 (for the artillery) and 1831 (for the infantry) ... These Troupes de marines were in the 19th century the main overseas and colonial forces of the French military ...

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