• (adj): Clearly or sharply defined to the mind.
    Example: "Trenchant distinctions between right and wrong"
    Synonyms: clear-cut, distinct
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Some articles on trenchant:

German Submarine U-859 - Loss
... in the Malacca Straits by the British submarine HMS Trenchant, which had been forewarned of her arrival date and route by decrypted German signals ... a second U-boat thought to be lurking, Trenchant's commander Arthur Hezlet carried out a snap attack using his stern torpedo tubes, hitting U-859 amidships ... Eleven of the survivors were picked up by HMS Trenchant immediately following the sinking, and the remaining 9 were picked up by the Japanese after being ...
HMS Trenchant
... vessels of the British Royal Navy have been named HMS Trenchant Trenchant (1916), a 1,085 ton modified 'R' class destroyer Trenchant (P331), a 'T' class diesel submarine (1943 ...
HMS Trenchant (S91) - Operational History - 1990-1999
1990, the nets of the fishing vessel Antares were snagged by Trenchant in the Bute Sound in Scotland ... Trenchant was able to free herself, and an inspection by divers reported no significant damage ... Trenchant tested the non-hull-penetrating optronic mast in 1998 ...
Arthur Hezlet - Second World War
... Hezlet then took command of the submarine HMS Trenchant, based at Trincomalee, Ceylon (now Sri Lanka) ... The Trenchant also sank numerous Japanese submarine chasers, landing craft, coasters and a minelayer ... On 8 June 1945, Hezlet took Trenchant into shallow mined water in the Banka Strait off Sumatra, to intercept Japanese heavy cruiser Ashigara ...
Japanese Cruiser Ashigara - Service
... the two ships came under attack from three Allied submarines, Blueback, Trenchant and Stygian ... Kamikaze attacked Trenchant with gunfire, forcing her to submerge, and then with depth charges, but Trenchant's C.O ...

More definitions of "trenchant":

  • (adj): Characterized by or full of force and vigor.
    Example: "A trenchant argument"
    Synonyms: hard-hitting
  • (adj): Having keenness and forcefulness and penetration in thought, expression, or intellect.
    Example: "Trenchant criticism"
    Synonyms: searching

Famous quotes containing the word trenchant:

    The trenchant editorials plus the keen rivalry natural to extremely partisan papers made it necessary for the editors to be expert pugilists and duelists as well as journalists. An editor made no assertion that he could not defend with fists or firearms.
    —Federal Writers’ Project Of The Wor, U.S. public relief program (1935-1943)