Transcendental Reality

Some articles on transcendental reality:

Śūnyatā - Understanding in Various Buddhist Traditions - Chinese Buddhism
... perceived similarities with the Tao, which was understood as a transcendental reality underlying the world of appearances ... Sunyata at first was also understood as pointing to transcendental reality ... that sunyata does not refer to an essential transcendental reality underneath or behind the world of appearances ...

Famous quotes containing the word reality:

    She’s in the house.
    She’s at turn after turn.
    She’s behind me.
    She’s in front of me.
    She’s in my bed.
    She’s on path after path,
    and I’m weak from want of her.
    O heart,
    there is no reality for me
    other than she she
    she she she she
    in the whole of the reeling world.
    And philosophers talk about Oneness.
    Amaru (c. seventh century A.D.)