Transcendental Argument

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Transcendental Argument For The Existence Of God
... The Transcendental Argument for the Existence of God (TAG) is the argument that attempts to prove God's existence by arguing that logic, morals, and science ultimately presuppose a theistic worldview, and that ... A version was formulated by Immanuel Kant in his 1763 work The Only Possible Argument in Support of a Demonstration of the Existence of God ... Most contemporary formulations of the Transcendental argument have been developed within the framework of (Christian) Presuppositional apologetics, hence they tend to conclude that the God of Christianity ...
Cornelius Van Til - Thought - Transcendental Argument
... The substance of Van Til's transcendental argument is that the doctrine of the ontological Trinity, which is concerned with the reciprocal relationships of the persons of the Godhead to each other without reference ...

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