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Kalaw Lagaw Ya - A 'Pre-Historical' Overview of The Language
... Papuan (Trans-Fly) A little basic vocabulary, some abstract vocabulary, some verbs ... these typological categories also exist in the Trans-Fly languages the forms in Kalaw Lagaw Ya are clearly Australian) ... that of a few Austronesian men who settled on the outskirts of an East Trans-Fly group, intermarried, and whose children were either bilingual, or speakers of ...
Kalaw Lagaw Ya - Classification and External Comparison
... Australian (Common Australian) Papuan (Proto–East Trans-Fly) Austronesian (Proto–Central District) *nya-ga look naga+i- id ... between the Paman (Australian) and the Trans-Fly (Papuan) languages, that, though few, may be significant, and include forms such as those noted below, which include words that do not ... Proto-Paman (or a specific North Cape York language) meaning Proto-Trans-Fly meaning Kalaw Lagaw Ya meaning *kaalu ear *kuru hear kaura kùrusai- (compounds only) ear *ŋaa(na) who *ŋana id ...

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