Trainspotting (soundtrack) - Complete Soundtrack List

Complete Soundtrack List

The following is a complete list of songs that appear in Trainspotting in order of appearance:

  1. "Lust for Life" - Iggy Pop
  2. "Carmen Suite No.2" - Georges Bizet
  3. "Deep Blue Day" - Brian Eno
  4. "Trainspotting" - Primal Scream
  5. "Temptation" - Heaven 17
  6. "Atomic" - Sleeper
  7. "Temptation" - New Order
  8. "Nightclubbing" - Iggy Pop
  9. "Sing" - Blur
  10. "Perfect Day" - Lou Reed
  11. "Dark and Long (Dark Train)" - Underworld
  12. "Think About the Way" - Frisco Vs. Ice MC
  13. "Mile End" - Pulp
  14. "For What You Dream Of" (Full-on Renaissance Mix) - Bedrock featuring KYO
  15. "2:1" – Elastica
  16. "Herzlich Tut Mich Verlangen" - Gabor Lehotka
  17. "A Final Hit" - Leftfield
  18. "Statuesque" - Sleeper
  19. "Born Slippy .NUXX" - Underworld
  20. "Closet Romantic" - Damon Albarn

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