Toy Dog

Toy dog traditionally refers to a very small dog or a grouping of small and very small breeds of dog. A toy dog may be of any of various dog types. Types of dogs referred to as toy dogs may include Spaniels, Pinschers and Terriers that have been bred down in size. Not all toy dogs are lapdogs, although that is an important and ancient type of toy dog. The very smallest toy dogs are sometimes called teacup size, although no major dog registry recognizes that term.

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Toy Dog - What Makes A Toy Breed - Form Versus Function
... Another area of contention is the idea that toy dogs are only companion animals, slow moving, with little need for exercise and with low endurance ... quite capable of taking long walks with their owners and often excel at the energetic sport of dog agility ... The United Kennel Club (US), which does not recognize a Toy group, defines Italian Greyhounds as having been bred exclusively as pets the American Kennel Club states that these dogs were bred as ...

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    The little toy dog is covered with dust,
    But sturdy and stanch he stands;
    And the little toy soldier is red with rust,
    And the musket moulds in his hands.
    Time was when the little toy dog was new,
    And the soldier was passing fair;
    And that was the time when our Little Boy Blue
    Kissed them and put them there.
    Eugene Field (1850–1895)