Touchdown (song)

A touchdown is the primary method of scoring in American and Canadian football.

Touchdown may also refer to:

  • "Touchdown" (Game song), by The Game featuring Raheem DeVaughn
  • "Touchdown" (T.I. song), a song by American rapper T.I. featuring Eminem
  • "Touchdown" (Trackshittaz song)
  • Touchdown (Bob James album)
  • Touchdown (Brakes album), 2009
  • Touchdown (mascot), the unofficial mascot of Cornell University Athletics
  • Touchdown, another name for the landing of an animal or craft
  • Touchdown, a score in rugby league touch
  • A tornado touchdown, when a funnel cloud reaches to the ground
  • Eyeworks Touchdown, a New Zealand-based television production company
  • Touchdown Club of Columbus
  • Washington D.C. Touchdown Club, a charity/scholarship organization
  • Touchdown polymerase chain reaction
  • Travis Touchdown, a fictional character from the video game No More Heroes