Total Eclipse of The Heart - Versions With Bonnie Tyler or Jim Steinman Involvement

Versions With Bonnie Tyler or Jim Steinman Involvement

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  • In December 2003, a re-recorded French/English duet version called "Si demain... (Turn Around)" was released. It was sung by Bonnie Tyler and Kareen Antonn and peaked at #1 in France, Belgium and Poland.
  • Tori Amos has added the song to the popular repertoire of cover songs she performs in concert. A live version appears on the recording made at Boston's B of A Pavilion on August 21, 2005, part of Amos' "Original Bootlegs" collection.
  • Westlife recorded a cover of the song on their 2006 album The Love Album. The song would have been released as the album's second single but was cancelled due to their Love Tour conflicts, though a promo release still reached #5 on the radio charts in the Philippines. Three official remixes have been made for their version as well as a remix done by Jim Steinman, which was ultimately rejected by the record label but has surfaced on the Internet.
  • The song was rewritten in 1997 with lyrics by Michael Kunze as "Totale Finsternis" for the musical Tanz der Vampire.
  • BabyPinkStar recorded the song with Bonnie Tyler in a punk/electronic remix version that was released in the UK in January 2007.
  • In preparation for the 2002 Broadway, New York show Dance of the Vampires, a demo of the song, with some modifications in the music and lyric, sung as a duet by Steve Barton and Elaine Caswell became available on the internet. Barton and Cornelia Zenz had sung the German-language song "Totale Finsternis" on the original cast album for Tanz der Vampire. For each cast that performed Tanz der Vampire and each cast recording, in any language, the actors cast as Krolock and Sarah sang "Totale Finsternis." A bootleg recording with Michael Crawford and Mandy Gonzalez from the original Broadway cast is also available.
  • Bonnie Tyler released a new version of the song with Welsh choral group Only Men Aloud! backing her.
  • In 2010, Tyler appeared in a television advertisement for MasterCard called "Neville" singing a parody of "Total Eclipse of the Heart".

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