Tom Stone

Tom Stone may refer to:

  • Tom Stone (coach), head coach of the women's soccer team at Texas Tech University
  • Tom Stone (photographer) (born 1971), American documentary photographer
  • Tom Stone (magician) (born 1967), otherwise known as Thomas Bengtsson, Swedish magician, editor and author
  • Tom Stone (TV series), a 2002–2003 Canadian TV series, known in the U.S. as Stone Undercover
  • Thomas Treadwell Stone (1801–1895), American Unitarian pastor, Abolitionist, and Transcendentalist
  • Tom Stone (artist), Canadian

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Action Man - Appearance; 60s - 80s - Body Variations; 1978-84
... a dark-skinned (African ethnic) Commando Tom Stone, a red and silver superhero Bullet Man, and lastly a brutish Neanderthal look-alike The Intruder, which was a minimally articulated figure ... "Tom Stone" was a repackaged African-ethnic Hasbro Muscle Body Action Adventurer, Palitoy never produced any of the ethnic figures in the line themselves ... Both Bullet Man and Tom Stone utilized the body Hasbro patented "Posable figure having one piece connector for torso, trunk and legs" ...
List Of 1632 Characters (fictional) - Stone Family - Tom Stone
... Tom "Stoner" Stone is a laid back non-businessman who "Tuned In and Dropped Out" in the early seventies, leaving Pharmacology graduate school at Purdue University to join the Lothlorien Commune outside Grantville ... After the commune fell apart, Tom took care of the three boys like they were his own, although only one is for sure ... In the Ring of Fire story "To Dye For", Tom is frustrated by his affection for Magda, whose guildmaster father has deemed him unsuitable due to his lack of material wealth ...
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... Thomas Stone (1743–1787), one of the signers of the U.S ... Declaration of Independence ...

Famous quotes containing the words stone and/or tom:

    A nickname is the heaviest stone that the devil can throw at a man. It is a bugbear to the imagination, and, though we do not believe in it, it still haunts our apprehensions.
    William Hazlitt (1778–1830)

    And the Angel told Tom if he’d be a good boy,
    He’d have God for his father & never want joy.

    And so Tom awoke and we rose in the dark
    And got with our bags & our brushes to work.
    Tho’ the morning was cold, Tom was happy & warm,
    So if all do their duty, they need not fear harm.
    William Blake (1757–1827)