Timeline of The Muslim Presence in The Iberian Peninsula

Timeline Of The Muslim Presence In The Iberian Peninsula

This is a timeline of notable events in the Muslim Empire in Iberia, which started with the Umayyad conquest in the 8th century.

Read more about Timeline Of The Muslim Presence In The Iberian Peninsula:  Conquest (710–756), The Umayyad Emirate of Córdoba (756–929), The Umayyad Caliphate (929–1031), Political Fragmentation (1031–1130), Decline and Submission To Christian Rule (1130–1481), Castile-Aragón Conquers The Kingdom of Granada (1481–1491), Aftermath (1492–1616)

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Timeline Of The Muslim Presence In The Iberian Peninsula - Aftermath (1492–1616)
1492–1507 - The remaining Muslims in the Crown of Castile were ordered to become Catholic ... With the conquest of Granada and Iberian Navarre, the modern nation of Spain is formed ... Muslims in the kingdom of Navarre are forced to convert, 1519–1522 - Revolt of the Germanies of Kingdom of Valencia ...

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