Timeline of Jane Austen - 1790s


Year Austen Literary history Political history
  • James Austen takes up residence as curate of Overton, Hampshire
  • Autumn – Edward Austen returns to England from Grand Tour
  • 1 November – Publication of Edmund Burke's Reflections on the Revolution in France
  • Parliament withdraws motions for the repeal of the Test and Corporation Acts
  • Charles Austen enters the Royal Naval Academy
  • 15 September – James Austen becomes vicar of Sherborne St John, Hampshire
  • 27 December – Edward Austen marries Elizabeth Bridges; they move to Rowling House, Edward's residence in Kent
  • February–March – Publication of Part I of Thomas Paine's pamphlet Rights of Man
  • Publication of Elizabeth Inchbald's novel A Simple Story
  • Publication of James Boswell's biography Life of Johnson
  • Publication of Ann Radcliffe's novel The Romance of the Forest
  • Publication of Smith's novel Celestina
  • 19 April – The British parliament rejects William Wilberforce's bill to abolish the slave trade
  • 14–17 July – Priestley Riots; rioting aimed at religious Dissenters in Birmingham
  • August – 100,000 slaves and ex-slaves revolt against planters and the local government in French-controlled San Domingo, the wealthiest colony of the West Indies and main source of sugar and coffee in Europe
  • 27 March – James Austen marries Anne Mathew; they move to the parsonage in Deane
  • October – Jane and Cassandra Austen visit the Lloyds at Ibthorpe House, near Hurstbourne Tarrant, Hampshire
  • Winter? – Cassandra Austen engaged to Rev. Tom Fowle
  • Publication of Robert Bage's novel Man As He Is
  • Publication of Hannah More's pamphlet Village Politics
  • Publication of Smith's novel Desmond
  • 7 March – Sierra Leone is established under British rule as a home for former slaves
  • 10 August – Attack on the Tuileries Palace leads to the deposition of Louis XVI and the dissolution of the Legislative Assembly
  • 2–6 September – "September Massacres"; 12,000 political prisoners murdered in France
  • 21 September – Newly elected National Convention abolishes the monarchy and officially declares France a Republic
  • ? – Austen begins to write, then sets aside, Sir Charles Grandison or the happy Man, a comedy in 6 acts
  • 23 January – Edward Austen's first child, Fanny, born
  • Spring – Henry Austen becomes a lieutenant in the Oxfordshire Militia
  • 15 April – James Austen's first child, Anna, is born
  • 3 June – Jane Austen writes last item of juvenilia
  • Winter – Francis Austen returns home from the Far East
  • December – Jane and Cassandra Austen visit Butler-Harrison cousins in Southampton
  • 14 February – Publication of William Godwin's treatise Political Justice
  • Publication of Smith's novel The Old Manor House
  • 21 January – Execution of Louis XVI
  • 1 February – France declares war on England
  • 11 March – Civil war erupts in France with the revolt in the Vendée
  • July – Beginning of the Reign of Terror in France
  • 16 October – Execution of Marie Antoinette (pictured)
  • 22 February – Eliza de Feuillide's husband is guillotined in Paris
  • Midsummer – Jane and Cassandra Austen visit the Leighs at Adlestrop, Gloucestershire
  • August? – Jane and Cassandra Austen visit Edward and Elizabeth Austen at Rowling
  • September – Charles Austen leaves the Royal Naval Academy and goes to sea
  • Autumn? – Austen possibly writes Lady Susan
  • 28 May – Publication of Godwin's novel Caleb Williams
  • Publication of Blake's poems Songs of Experience
  • Publication of Radcliffe's novel The Mysteries of Udolpho
  • 4 February – France abolishes slavery in its colonies
  • 7 May – The writ of habeas corpus is suspended in Britain
  • Late July – Robespierre is executed and the Reign of Terror ends
  • November – British radicals are acquitted at the 1794 Treason Trials
  • Austen probably writes Elinor and Marianne
  • 3 May – Death of Anne Mathew (James' wife) at Deane; infant Anna sent to live at Steventon rectory
  • Autumn – Rev. Tom Fowle joins William Craven, 1st Earl of Craven, as his private chaplain for the West Indian campaign
  • December–January 1796 – Austen's flirtation with Tom Lefroy on his visit to Ashe rectory
  • Hannah More (pictured) begins publishing the Cheap Repository Tracts to counteract radical publications
  • 29 October – On the way to parliament, George III is attacked by a hungry mob
  • 18 December – Seditious Meetings Act and Treasonable Practices Act passed (also known as the "Two Acts" or the "Gagging Acts")
  • The Famine Year
  • January – Tom Lefroy (pictured) leaves Ashe for London
  • January – Tom Fowle sails for the West Indies
  • April – Jane and Cassandra Austen visit the Coopers at Harpsden, Oxfordshire
  • Summer? – James Austen courts Eliza de Feuillide
  • August – Edward and Francis Austen take Jane to Rowling via London; she returns to Steventon in late September or early October
  • October – Austen begins writing First Impressions (Pride and Prejudice)
  • November – James Austen engaged to Mary Lloyd
  • Publication of Bage's novel Hermsprong
  • Publication of Mary Hays's novel Memoirs of Emma Courtney
  • Publication of Burney's novel Camilla
  • Publication of Matthew Lewis's novel The Monk
  • Publication of Madame de Staël's essay De l'Influence des passions
  • December – Failed French landing at Bantry Bay, West Cork, Ireland
  • Failure of peace negotiations between Britain and France
  • 17 January – James Austen marries Mary Lloyd
  • January – Anna returns to live at Deane
  • February – Tom Fowle dies of fever in San Domingo and is buried at sea
  • August – Austen finishes First Impressions
  • 1 November – Revd. Austen unsuccessfully offers First Impressions to Thomas Cadell, London publisher
  • November – Austen begins to revise Elinor and Marianne, which eventually becomes Sense and Sensibility
  • November – Mrs. Austen, Jane, and Cassandra visit the Leigh-Perrots in Bath
  • November – Edward Austen and family move from Rowling to Godmersham Park, near Godmersham, Kent
  • Winter – Rev. Samuel Blackall visits Ashe; mild courtship of Jane Austen
  • 31 December – Henry Austen marries Eliza de Feuillide
  • 20 November – Publication of the first issue of the government-sponsored journal, the Anti-Jacobin Review
  • Publication of Radcliffe's novel The Italian
  • February – Bank of England suspends cash payments
  • April–June – Naval mutinies occur at Spithead and the Nore
  • Failure of French landing in Wales
  • August – Mr. and Mrs. Austen, Jane, and Cassandra visit Godmersham
  • August – Austen possibly begins writing Susan (which eventually becomes Northanger Abbey)
  • 9 August – Lady Williams (Jane Cooper) killed in a road accident
  • 24 October – Austen and her parents leave Godmersham and return to Steventon
  • October–November – Mrs. Austen ill
  • 17 November – James Austen's son, James-Edward, born
  • June – Publication of Thomas Robert Malthus's An Essay on the Principle of Population
  • Publication of William Wordsworth and Samuel Taylor Coleridge's poems Lyrical Ballads
  • Publication of Smith's novel The Young Philosopher
  • 26 May – Society of United Irishmen rebel against British rule in Ireland
  • August–September – French landing in Ireland
  • 1 August – Horatio Nelson's victory over Napoleon's fleet at the Battle of the Nile (pictured)
  • February – Jane Austen possibly visits the Lloyds at Ibthorpe
  • March – Cassandra returns to Steventon from Godmersham
  • 17 May–June – Mrs. Austen and Jane arrive in Bath, with Edward and Elizabeth
  • End of June – Austen probably finishes Susan (Northanger Abbey)
  • Late summer – The Austens pay a round of visits to the Leighs at Adlestrop, the Coopers at Harpsden, and the Cookes at Great Bookham
  • 14 August – Austen's aunt, Mrs. Leigh Perrot, charged with theft and committed to Ilchester Gaol
  • Publication of More's Strictures on the Modern System of Education
  • Publication of Jane West's novel A Tale of the Times
  • Religious Tract Society formed in Britain
  • 9 November – 18 Brumaire; Napoleon overthrows the Directory and becomes First Consul of France

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