Time War (Doctor Who)

Time War (Doctor Who)

The Time War, more specifically called The Last Great Time War, is a conflict within the fictional universe of the British science fiction television series Doctor Who. The conflict pitted the Time Lords against the Daleks and culminated in the mutual destruction of both races, caused by the Doctor.

In the Doctor Who continuity the war occurs between the events of the 1996 film and the 2005 revived series. It is not directly depicted on-screen but has been frequently mentioned and alluded to since the show's return. The war's events and progression have never been fully explained. Short comments in various episodes act as hints, but the war was not thoroughly talked about until the 2007 series finale. The two-part special The End of Time (2009) provided further information.

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... In the IDW comic miniseries The Forgotten,the Tenth Doctorrecounts to Martha Jones a story from the Eighth Doctors participation in the TimeWar ... The Eighth Doctorwas imprisoned by a race of robots for several weeks on a planet in the middle of the war before teaming up with a Malmooth fellow prisoner and faking his death ... The Tenth Doctorfurther implies that the Eighth Doctordied,alone and companionless,at the end of the TimeWar ...

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