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Presentation Time Stamp
... The Presentation time stamp (PTS) is a metadata field in an MPEG transport stream or MPEG program stream that is used to achieve synchronization of programs' separate elementary streams (for example Video, Audio ... Presentation time stamps have a resolution of 90kHz, suitable for the presentation synchronization task ... adjusting the decoding of streams to a common master time base rather than by adjusting the decoding of one stream to match that of another ...
Daylight Saving Time - Computing - Microsoft Windows
... supports at most two start and end rules per time zone setting ... supports both 1987–2006 and post-2006 time stamps, but mishandles some older time stamps ... for each zone, so that the same Canadian setting reliably supports only post-2006 time stamps ...
MPEG-1 - Part 1: Systems - Program Streams
... Presentation time stamps (PTS) exist in PS to correct the inevitable disparity between audio and video SCR values (time-base correction) ... Decoding Time Stamps (DTS), additionally, are required because of B-frames ... just handling sequential frames, it contains the proper time-stamps to tell the decoder when to decode and display the next B-frame (types of frames explained below), ahead of its ...

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