Time Stamps

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MPEG-1 - Part 1: Systems - Program Streams
... Presentation time stamps (PTS) exist in PS to correct the inevitable disparity between audio and video SCR values (time-base correction) ... Decoding Time Stamps (DTS), additionally, are required because of B-frames ... sequential frames, it contains the proper time-stamps to tell the decoder when to decode and display the next B-frame (types of frames explained below), ahead of its anchor (P- or I-) frame ...
Daylight Saving Time - Computing - Microsoft Windows
... Windows Vista supports at most two start and end rules per time zone setting ... DST, a single Vista setting supports both 1987–2006 and post-2006 time stamps, but mishandles some older time stamps ... rule for each zone, so that the same Canadian setting reliably supports only post-2006 time stamps ...
Presentation Time Stamp
... The Presentation time stamp (PTS) is a metadata field in an MPEG transport stream or MPEG program stream that is used to achieve synchronization of programs' separate elementary ... Presentation time stamps have a resolution of 90kHz, suitable for the presentation synchronization task ... the decoding of streams to a common master time base rather than by adjusting the decoding of one stream to match that of another ...

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