Time Gal

Time Gal (タイム ギャル, Taimu Gyaru?) is an interactive movie arcade video game developed and published by Taito, and was released in Japan in 1985. It is an action game which uses full motion video (FMV) to display the on-screen action. The player must correctly choose the on-screen character's actions to progress the story.

The game is set in a fictional future where time travel is possible. The protagonist, Reika Kirishima, travels to different time periods in search of a criminal, Luda, from her time. After successfully tracking down Luda, Reika prevents his plans to alter the past.

It was inspired by the success of earlier laserdisc video games, most notably the 1983 title Dragon's Lair, which also use pre-recorded animation. Time Gal's animation was produced by Toei Animation. The game was later ported to home video game consoles and released outside Japan. The different versions received a mixed reception.

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... Critics praised Time Gal's visuals ... of the game, complimented the Mega-CD version's graphics and short load times ... He commented that though Time Gal offered a good thrill, it lacked replay value ...

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