Time Derivatives

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Time Derivative - Use in Physics
... Time derivatives are a key concept in physics ... For example, for a changing position, its time derivative is its velocity, and its second derivative with respect to time, is its acceleration ... Even higher derivatives are sometimes also used the third derivative of position with respect to time is known as the jerk ...
Mechanics Of Planar Particle Motion - Fictitious Forces in Curvilinear Coordinates
... See also Curvilinear coordinate system and Covariant derivative To quote Bullo and Lewis "Only in exceptional circumstances can the configuration of Lagrangian system be described by a vector in a vector space ... from an inertial frame of reference, the position vector of a moving particle r located at time t at position P becomes where qk is the vector dot product of r and ek ... vk is the vector dot product of v and ek, and over dots indicate time differentiation ...

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