Tikkun Ha Klali - Other Rectifications

Other Rectifications

Although the sin of wasted seed is considered the most serious of the violations of the Covenant, other sins also accomplish the same thing. Rebbe Nachman taught that one who earns his livelihood dishonestly also breaches the Covenant, as his craving for money can make him go so far as to rob his fellow man. The way one thinks, speaks and acts are also areas in which he can uphold or damage the Covenant.

Rebbe Nachman further taught that the Tikkun HaKlali can rectify all spiritual and physical flaws or maladies. He stated,

"There are places that are so fine and narrow that no remedy has the power to penetrate them except through the General Remedy, which injects healing into even the narrowest, finest places. First it is necessary to apply the General Remedy, and through this all the individual flaws will automatically be rectified."

For this reason, many Breslover Hasidim recite the Tikkun HaKlali every day. Women also recite it as a general rectification for sin. Its recital is a cornerstone of any visit to the Rebbe's grave, as per his promise.

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