Tiger Feint Kick

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Axbomber - Kick - Tiger Feint Kick
... The tiger feint kick is a move in which a wrestler jumps through the second and top rope while holding on to the ropes, and uses the momentum to swing back around into the ring, and was originally ...
Rey Mysterio - In Wrestling
... Finishing moves 619 (Tiger feint kick to the head of an opponent draped over the second rope) followed by Springboard headbutt - ECW / WCW used as a signature move in WWE ... Aided head scissors Snapmare (Rey) followed with double kicks by Cara and Rey to the opponent's chest and back Managers Torrie Wilson (1999) Tygress (2000–2001) Nicknames "El Super Duper Niño" ("The Super Duper Kid ...

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    I had to kick their law into their teeth in order to save them.
    Gwendolyn Brooks (b. 1917)

    As a tiger may lose its footing on soft ground, so people may be tripped up by sweet words.
    Chinese proverb.