Tifa (musician) - Musical Career - Post-Dugme


That same year Tifa managed to escape criminal persecution despite being at the wrong end of a drug bust that saw a handful of dealers get arrested. Many have since wondered about the circumstances of the takedown, especially in light of the fact that Bijelo dugme drummer Ipe Ivandić ended up serving 2 years in jail for similar drug possession offence some four years earlier. The widely circulated unofficial story claims Tifa took a snitch deal from the police whereby providing the information they wanted about his suppliers in return for having the charges wiped off.

Back on the music front, his first post-Dugme move was a duet with Željko Bebek for Bebek's new project Armija B - they sang on a track called "Široko nam toplo polje glamočko". Two former Bijelo dugme frontmen even went on tour together, however proving once again he doesn't function well on the road, Tifa quit right in the middle of it, reasoning that it wasn't very successful anyway.

In the autumn 1986, he finally joined Milić Vukašinović's Vatreni poljubac recording 100% Rock'n'roll album with them.

After failing to settle down there too, Tifa ended up in Divlje jagode, fulfilling Sead Lipovača's wish of replacing Alen Islamović with someone from "Bregović's clan" as revenge for Alen's transfer to Bijelo dugme. Tifa participated in the recordings of their album titled Konji and even contributed a track of his own - "Zauvjek tvoj".

After making one album with Divlje jagode, he left the group in 1988 and recorded new material under Tifa & Vlado moniker with keyboards player Vlado Prodan (who earlier also played in Divlje Jagode and Armija B). However, no record company showed sufficient interest in releasing the album.

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