Thymus Citriodorus - Cultivars


Cultivars are selected for foliage color, and aromas of different citrus fruits. The following are sold by various nurseries, often under the synonyms, so scientific naming is not reliable:

  • Lemon Supreme — Light mauve flowers on vigorous plants with much richer lemon scent than that of most lemon thymes.
  • ‘Silver-Edged’ (Silver-Edged Lemon Thyme) — Silver-edged green leaves; pink flowers.
  • Creeping Golden Lemon — Shiny dark green lemon-scented leaves variegated in gold; lavender flower spikes.
  • Orange thyme — orange, unusually low growing.
  • Lime Thyme — mounding ground cover with bright chartreuse green leaves, slightly to powerfully lime scented and flavored leaves, lavender-pink flowers.

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