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List Of Rulers Of The Pitcairn Islands - Local Heads of Government - Magistrates (1838-1893)
... Fletcher Christian II (1842) 5 ... Thursday October Christian II (1844) 7 ... Charles Christian II (1847) -- Thursday October Christian II (1851) --- Thursday October Christian II (1864) --- Thursday October Christian II (1867 ...
Thursday October Christian II
... Thursday October Christian, Jr ... (October 1820 – 27 May 1911) was a Pitcairn Islands political leader ... He was the grandson of Fletcher Christian and son of Thursday October Christian (14 October 1790 - 21 April 1831), and mother, Teraura (c.1775 - 15 July 1850) ...
Thursday October Christian II - Children and Ancestors
... Name Birth Death Notes Julia Christian 23 July 15 ... June 1850 Agnes Christian 6 October 6 ... April 1911 Married Samuel Russell Warren, a whaler from Rhode Island ... Albert Christian 31 March 19 ... January 1861 Elias Christian 7 January 7 ... October 1893 Married Mary Young ... Ancestor of Jay Warren and Mike Warren Alphonso Driver Christian 3 August 14 ... June 1921 Married Sarah McCoy ...

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