Three Pure Ones - The Jade Pure One

The Jade Pure One

The Jade Pure One (Chinese: 玉清; pinyin: Yùqīng) is also known as "The Universally Honoured One of Origin", or "The Universal Lord of Primordial Beginning" (Chinese: 元始天尊; pinyin: Yuánshǐ Tiānzūn).

For more information, seeYuanshi Tianzun.

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Famous quotes containing the words pure and/or jade:

    Whenever a person strives, by the help of dialectic, to start in pursuit of every reality by a simple process of reason, independent of all sensuous information—never flinching, until by an act of the pure intelligence he has grasped the real nature of good—he arrives at the very end of the intellectual world.
    Plato (c. 427–347 B.C.)

    Do not pray for gold and jade and precious things; pray that your children and grandchildren may all be good.
    Chinese proverb.