Thief (character Class)


Thief (character Class)

The Thief or Rogue is a character class in many role-playing games, including Dungeons & Dragons, Final Fantasy, World of Warcraft and many MMORPGs. Thieves are usually stealthy and dextrous characters able to disarm traps, pick locks, and perform backstabs from hiding. Thieves are usually capable of melee or ranged combat, and tend to be focused on dodging attacks rather than withstanding damage. They often attack by dual-wielding daggers or other small one-handed weapons, relying on speed and number of strikes rather than sheer damage output. Thieves usually have a stealth ability, allowing them to disappear from sight, often this is combined with attacking an unaware opponent to inflict high damage. Thieves are usually restricted to the lighter armors, leather and the like. While thieves typically cannot practice magic, they might use scrolls or magic items in some games. In most fantasy settings, smaller and more agile fantasy races like elves, gnomes and hobbits are particularly suited for the thief class.

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... Games featuring the thiefclass or class representing such archetype Ultima Online,where the title for a thiefis usually Rogue ... Players use Hiding,Stealth,Snooping and Stealing for stealing from monsters or potions,Scrolls of Transcendence,and anything else that isn't insured'from other ... The Elder Scrolls IV Oblivion features an extensive Thieves'Guild and Assassins'Guild that each require a number of quests to gain access and membership ...

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