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The chart begins with Adam and Eve and advances with their genealogy. At a point of this genealogy, after the deluge (which is indicated by a black line), the chart is divided in two: the upper part continuing with the genealogy and the lower broader part showing the origin of the first nations as men supposedly separated because of the confusion of tongues following the construction of the Tower of Babel. The link between the genealogy upwards and the nation streams downwards is presented by recognizing the founders of each nation as specific people from the genealogy, in accordance to certain interpretations of The Bible.

At certain points of the chart, large percentages of space are occupied by big empires such as the Babylonian Empire (under the reign of Nebuchadnezzar II), the Persian Empire, the Macedonian Empire, and the Roman Empire, which, at one page, occupies almost the entire part of the chart used for nation streams.

At the fall of Rome, the empire's colossal nation stream is divided into many smaller streams of Barbaric Kingdoms.

As history advances, the nation streams, being first wavy, gradually straighten up, probably to illustrate how history becomes more certain and undisputed as it narrows down to the present.

The independence of many colonies is clearly shown as big nation streams standing for colonial empires split into several smaller streams. World War I and World War II are indicated by bold black lines behind the streams with a thickness determined by their duration.

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