The Vampire Chronicles (album) - Track Listing

Track Listing

All music composed by Lord Vampyr and Necros.

No. Title Lyrics Length
1. "Preludium" Lord Vampyr
with quotes from William Blake, Edgar Allan Poe
2. "Enthrone the Dark Angel" Lord Vampyr 5:25
3. "Thule" Lord Vampyr
with quotes from Bram Stoker, E. A. Poe
4. "Throne of Dark Immortals" Lord Vampyr
with quotes from William Blake, E. A. Poe
5. "The Revelation" Lord Vampyr 4:55
6. "When the Wolves Cry" Lord Vampyr
with quotes from H. P. Lovecraft
7. "Exorcism" Traditional 5:16
8. "Carpathian Spells" Lord Vampyr 3:55
9. "Cursed" Lord Vampyr
with quotes from Arthur Rimbaud
10. "The Coven" Traditional 6:24
Total length: 48:54

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