The Night The Bed Fell

The Night the Bed Fell is a short story written by American author, James Thurber. The story is a brief account of an event that took place at his house in Columbus, Ohio. It appears as chapter one of My Life and Hard Times.

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The Night The Bed Fell - Structure
... The plot for "The Night The Bed Fell" starts with James Thurber's explaining his "interesting" family, including a crazy cousin that thinks he will die of suffocation during his sleep, and a grandfather that leaves ... "The Night the Bed Fell" was copyrighted in 1999 ... The Night the Bed Fell One night when Thurber crashes down from his army cot, his mom comes to the immediate conclusion that the heavy headboard up in the ...
A Thurber Carnival - ACT 1 - The Night The Bed Fell
... The Night the Bed Fell consists of First Man sitting at the edge of the stage, telling the story of a particular night from his (Thurber's) childhood, when a ...

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    I loved, but woman fell away;
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    John Clare (1793–1864)

    I had learned to have a perfect nausea for the theatre: the continual repetition of the same words and the same gestures, night after night, and the caprices, the way of looking at life, and the entire rigmarole disgusted me.
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    It is remarkable with what pure satisfaction the traveler in these woods will reach his camping-ground on the eve of a tempestuous night like this, as if he had got to his inn, and, rolling himself in his blanket, stretch himself on his six-feet-by-two bed of dripping fir twigs, with a thin sheet of cotton for roof, snug as a meadow-mouse in its nest.
    Henry David Thoreau (1817–1862)