The Mike Malloy Show

The Mike Malloy Show is a syndicated progressive radio talk show hosted by long-time radio personality Mike Malloy. Malloy came to talk radio in 1987, moving from his position as a writer and producer at CNN. He is married to producer Kathy Bay, with whom he has a daughter born in July, 2004. He has an additional five children, all grown, and six grandchildren.

The show features Malloy's extended monologues on the day's news and the people and events behind it, listener calls, and occasional guest interviews. He advocates for the Democratic Party to move to the left and to take more liberal and progressive stands. Malloy's radio style is very confrontational and sometimes controversial: he is an advocate for the open discussion of 9/11 conspiracy theories, for the impeachment of George W. Bush and the ousting of what he calls "spineless democrats" from the U.S. Congress. Malloy refers to his audience as "Truthseekers". Malloy often collectively refers to George W. Bush, his father, and their associates as the "Bush Crime Family".

Malloy's show is currently self-syndicated. Until March 2009 it was syndicated by the Nova M Radio network. Previously, it was syndicated by Air America Radio, but Air America abruptly dropped the show on August 30, 2006. The Mike Malloy Show is currently carried by 13 broadcast stations as well as the Sirius XM Left satellite radio channel nationwide. Its broadcast originates from Atlanta, Georgia. Malloy is the only radio talk show host in America to have received the A.I.R (Achievement in Radio) Award in both Chicago and New York City. Talkers Magazine included Malloy among the their list of "the 250 Most Important Radio Talk Show Hosts in America" but did not name him as one of the Heavy Hundred."

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