The Last Save of Moacyr Barbosa

The Last Save Of Moacyr Barbosa

The Last Save of Moyacyr Barbosa (Italian: L'ultima parata di Moacyr Barbosa) is a book by Darwin Pastorin, describing the life and times of the Brazilian goolkeeper of the 1950 World Cup, Moacyr Barbosa. Barbosa failed to stop a shot by Uruguay in the Final, and was treated as a pariah in many parts of Brazil for the rest of his life.

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The Last Save Of Moacyr Barbosa - Scapegoats and Sacrifices
... Although Barbosa was to continue playing soccer, his days on the national team were over, and his name reviled ... Barbosa fit the bill, and his dark skin capped the comparison, a stark reminder of the sin of losing ... Barbosa was one of Brazil's few visibly black goalkeepers and Brazil was not to have another for 50 years ...

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