The Gardier - Weapons


  • Mechanical Disruptor- The Mechanical Disruptor is a spell that turns mechanical devices such as guns and engines into shrapnel. The effect of this spell is devastating on Rienish armed forces. Rienish soldiers on the front lines have resorted to crossbows because they are not mechanically advanced enough to be destroyed.
  • Stun- This spell is contained in one of the many devices given to Gardier soldiers. The devices look like "fancy cigar lighters" and are clipped to the individual's belt. This spell paralyzes the enemy and allows quick victory.
  • Translator- A spell to translate Aelin to Rienish and to allow the Gardier to understand Rienish. It takes the form of a medallion that one must hold for the translation to be effective. This spell is unusual because the nearest Rienish equivalent requires the spell-caster to know both languages.
  • Magic Detector- Another small metal belt device. It sets off an alarm when a spell is used near the Gardier soldier.

There are many magical devices that the Gardier carry on their belts. They are described as "little metal boxes with triggers on them, like fancy cigar lighters" (The Wizard Hunters, 106). The purpose for all the devices is not known. In addition to these, there is one device that appears to control the Howlers, a monstrous creation of a mad wizard.

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