The Call (CNBC) - Segments


  • Here's The Call On...: The appropriately titled first segment of the show (discontinued since October 2007) looks at the morning's business headlines.
  • The Bond Report: Rick Santelli reports from Chicago with a look at the US Bond market.
  • Your Best Trades Now: A guest joins the show with the anchors and a guest contributor to talk about what his/her best stock picks are right now.
  • Stocks To Watch: In this segment, we look at the US stocks making news.
  • MSNBC News Update: News headlines from MSNBC. Seen shortly after the bottom of the hour.
  • 2 Hours Into the Trading Day...: An update on the U.S. stock markets after the first 2 hours of trading. Seen at the start of the program's second half-hour.
  • Blog Watch: Seen during the program's second half-hour with a look at the key business stories blogged by CNBC reporters, such as Jim Goldman ("Tech Check"), Mike Huckman ("Pharma's Market"), Diana Olick ("Realty Check") and Darren Rovell ("Sports Biz").
  • The Journal Report: Seen on Mondays with a reporter from The Wall Street Journal. This segment was discontinued at the end of 2007.
  • Seidman Speaks: CNBC's chief commentator Bill Seidman made guest appearances and answered viewers' Email questions. This segment was seen on Thursdays, but was discontinued after Seidman's death in 2009.
  • Mutual Fund Pick and Pan of the Week: Seen on Fridays with Christine Benz of Morningstar.
  • West Coast Call: A guest from the West Coast joins the program, similar to the "West Coast Wake Up" segment on Squawk on the Street.
  • The Last Call: The last segment of the program.

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