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Maren mentions an alien race who travel in "silent gas dirigibles". In the script it is "Muthi" but she delivers it as "Hoothi" instead and writer Paul Cornell used "Hoothi" when he featured them in his New Adventures novel Love and War. Marc Platt's novels Cat's Cradle: Time's Crucible and Lungbarrow establish that the Sisterhood of Karn are the remnants of an all-female cult that once ruled Gallifrey, which was led by the Pythia, and was outlawed when Rassilon came to power. The BBC Books Past Doctor Adventures novel Warmonger by Terrance Dicks is both a sequel and prequel to this story, explaining how Morbius's brain survived his execution and the Fifth Doctor's involvement in the surrounding events.

The Doctor once again states his age is 749, and says that he was born a few "billion miles" from Karn.. The New Adventures novel Lungbarrow places Karn in Gallifrey's solar system. It is explicitly stated that Morbius was the first Time Lord to be sentenced to death in the race's history. Morbius is briefly resurrected in the Eighth Doctor Big Finish audio Vengeance of Morbius and comes much closer to overthrowing the Time Lords.

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