The Best of Manila Sound: Hopia Mani Popcorn

The Best of Manila Sound: Hopia Mani Popcorn is a compilation album of Manila sound hit songs that gained popularity in the Philippines during the 1970s. The album is composed of 13 classic Manila sound tracks which are interpreted and performed by modern Filipino bands such as Rocksteddy, Mayonnaise, Kapatid, Soapdish, Kala, Up Dharma Down, 6 Cycle Mind, Protein Shake, DRT, Radioactive Sago Project, Sound, Join the Club and Kitchie Nadal.

The album was released by Viva Records in the Philippines in 2006 with the two carrier singles "No Touch" by Rocksteddy and "Ipagpatawad Mo" by Mayonnaise. "Rock Baby Rock", performed by Kala was the third single taken from the album.

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