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Early in this series, Wonder Man is wounded by Vision and spends the better part of the season in a coma. Scarlet Witch is eventually able to revive him. Like the comics, Vision was created by Ultron in his attempt to destroy the Avengers. The Avengers manage to use the defeated Vision in order to store some of Wonder Man's memories after Wonder Man is attacked by Ultron.

Ringmaster appear in the episode "Comes a Swordsman". He, Swordsman, and the Circus of Crime plot to steal the Mythrax Bacteria. Hawkeye infiltrates his Circus of Crime to find out their plot with the Mythrax. He uses his illusions to throw off the Avengers until Falcon's bird Redwing sees through them. Ringmaster is defeated when the Mythrax Bacteria canisters were empty. During the Avengers' fight with Ringmaster, Hawkeye fights Swordsman when he reveals that he used the Ringmaster as a diversion. Swordsman escapes as Hawkeye and Ant-Man disarm the Mythrax Bomb. It is later revealed that Swordsman was hired by the Zodiac to deliver them the Mythrax Bacteria. Taurus has his minions "tear Swordsman into twelve pieces."

Both versions of Baron Zemo were featured in the episode "Command Decision." The elder Zemo appeared in a flashback while Helmut Zemo led the Masters of Evil against the Earth's Mightiest Heroes. His costume (though very similar to his comic outfit) reflected the futuristic style of the series.

Attuma appears in the episode "To Rule Atlantis." He is using a Dynamo machine to cause earthquakes at Atlantis and the surface world and is allied with Namor's subjects Pecos and Dara. This event causes Namor to work with the Avengers to thwart Attuma. Namor manages to defeat Attuma and destroy the Dynamo machine with the Avengers' help.

Egghead appeares in episode titled "Egg-Stream Vengeance". Disguised as a long-legged clown at a Thanksgiving Day Parade, Egghead tampers with Hank Pym's "Pym Particles" by blowing special bubbles at him while he is fighting a brought to life dinosaur float. When he arrives at Avengers Mansion with the press, he uses a countermeasure to restore Ant-Man to his rightful height but later causes him to shrink. While Wasp stays behind to watch over Ant-Man, the other Avengers go out to hunt Egghead. After Scarlet Witch deactivates the security system around Egghead's house, the other Avengers manage to apprehend Egghead and bring him to Avengers Mansion. When Ant-Man is cured by Wasp, he sprays Egghead with his own serum with half-life Pym Particles that will leave him small for a few hours. Hawkeye manages to trap Egghead in a jar and give him to the arriving police officers as Scarlet Witch gives them Egghead's recorded confession.

In the two part series finale "Earth and Fire", the Avengers once again encounter the Zodiac gang, after their initial appearance in "Shooting Stars". Like the other Zodiac members in this show, Taurus is an alien based on the constellation he is named after, though Taurus has the ability to take human form temporarily, and has used the identity of Van Lundt. Fellow Zodiac member Aries meanwhile, is depicted as a super-strong alien that wears a ram-horned helmet. Aquarius is depicted with a fish-like appearance and water-based attacks. Gemini is depicted as a two-headed alien (one male head, one female head) with four arms.

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