Terminal - in Electronics, Telecommunication, and Computers

In Electronics, Telecommunication, and Computers

  • In typography:
    • Terminal (typeface), a monospace font
    • A type of Stroke ending (typography) which does not end in a serif
  • Terminal (electronics), a device for joining electrical circuits together
  • Terminal (telecommunication), a device communicating over a line
  • Remote terminal unit (RTU), a telemetry device interfacing to a DCS or SCADA system
  • Computer console, a text output device for system administration messages
  • Computer terminal, a hardware device for data entry and display in a computer system
  • Dumb terminal, a computer terminal that has limited functionality
  • Pseudo terminal, a piece of code that routes a server I/O to and from some application, assuming that it will implement the text terminal behavior
  • Terminal emulator, an application program replacing a computer terminal
  • Terminal (Mac OS X), a terminal emulator application included with Mac OS X
  • Terminal (Xfce), the Xfce terminal emulator
  • Computer terminal#Text terminals, any computer interface for serial entry and display of textual data
  • Virtual console, a concept that permits multiple terminals on one hardware

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