Terence James Reed

Terence James Reed

T. J. (Terence James) Reed (born in London in 1937) is a prominent British Germanist, an emeritus fellow of the Queen's College, Oxford and a Fellow of the British Academy; he was formerly Taylor Professor of German in the University of Oxford.

He has been a Council member of the International Goethe Society and is the President of the English Goethe Society

Reed is the author of Thomas Mann: The Uses of Tradition (Oxford, Clarendon Press, 1974; 2nd ed., 1996), the first comprehensive study of Thomas Mann in English to be based on the materials of the Thomas-Mann-Archiv at the ETH Zurich; and a substantial number of other works. These include The Classical Centre: Goethe and Weimar (London, Croom Helm, 1979), Goethe (Oxford University Press, 1984) and Schiller (Oxford University Press, 1991). His Bithell memorial lecture for 1994 appeared in print and is a Festschrift marking his retirement.

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