• (adv): In a tentative manner.
    Example: "We agreed tentatively on a dinner date"

Some articles on tentatively:

List Of Fossil Birds - Enantiornithes (extinct)
... Cretaceous) Kizylkumavis (Late Cretaceous) – tentatively placed here Sazavis (Late Cretaceous) – tentatively placed here Alethoalaornithidae (disputed) Alethoalaornis (Early Cretaceous) Avisauridae Concornis (Early ...
Labeoninae - Genera
... Tribe Labeonini Barbichthys Cirrhinus (tentatively placed here) Henicorhynchus Labeo – typical labeos Labiobarbus (including Dangila?) Nukta ...
... here too in recent times, to make this tribe refer to a distinct clade of polychaetes Bonuania (tentatively placed here) Hesiospina Micropodarke (tentatively ...
Muscicapoidea - Systematics and Phylogeny - Passerida incertae Sedis
... Rather basal Passerida, most of which seem to constitute several small but distinct superfamilies ... Most occur in Asia, Africa and North America ...
Agonum - Subgenera and Selected Species
... Agonum (Agonum) Agonum antennarium Agonum carbonarium Agonum chalconotum Agonum chinense (tentatively placed here) Agonum curvipes (sometimes in Olisares) Agonum dolens ...

Famous quotes containing the word tentatively:

    If I had not come to America, where I felt free to formulate tentatively insights at which I had empathically arrived, I would have accomplished very little. I would never have begun to publish, to teach, to undertake research. Because if one does not find an assenting echo to one’s ideas, if one is passed over, as I was in Vienna, then one cannot create. To create, after all, is to believe that what one says will count.
    Margaret S. Mahler (1897–1985)