Tensor Calculus

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Tensor Field - Tensor Calculus
... physics and other fields, differential equations posed in terms of tensor fields provide a very general way to express relationships that are both ... This handles the formulation of variation of a tensor field along a vector field ... The original absolute differential calculus notion, which was later called tensor calculus, led to the isolation of the geometric concept of connection ...
Timeline Of Category Theory And Related Mathematics - 1991–2000
... Joyal-Ross Street Formalization of Penrose string diagrams to calculate with abstract tensors in various monoidal categories with extra structure ... The calculus now depends on the connection with low dimensional topology ... John Greenlees-Peter May Greenlees-May duality 1992 Vladimir Turaev Modular tensor categories ...
Tullio Levi-Civita - Biography
... In 1900 he and Ricci-Curbastro published the theory of tensors in Méthodes de calcul différentiel absolu et leurs applications, which Albert Einstein used as a resource to master the tensor calculus, a ... was initiated by Levi-Civita, as he found mathematical errors in Einstein's use of tensor calculus to explain theory of relativity ... His textbook on tensor calculus, The Absolute Differential Calculus (originally a set of lecture notes in Italian co-authored with Ricci-Curbastro ...

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