Tensile Strength

  • (noun): The strength of material expressed as the greatest longitudinal stress it can bear without tearing apart.

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Strength Of Materials - Definition - Strength Terms
... Yield strength is the lowest stress that produces a permanent deformation in a material ... Compressive strength is a limit state of compressive stress that leads to failure in the manner of ductile failure (infinite theoretical yield) or brittle failure (rupture as the result of crack ... Tensile strength or ultimate tensile strength is a limit state of tensile stress that leads to tensile failure in the manner of ductile failure (yield as the ...
Strength Of Ships - Material Response
... Generally this is fairly standard steel with yield strength of around 32,000 to 36,000 psi (220 to 250 MPa), and tensile strength or ultimate tensile strength (UTS) over 50,000 psi (340 MPa) ... This steel has a yield strength of at least 34,000 psi (230 MPa), ultimate tensile strength of 58,000 to 71,000 psi (400 to 490 MPa), must elongate at least 19% in an 8-inch (200 mm) long specimen before fracturing ... A safety factor above the yield strength has to be applied, since steel regularly pushed to its yield strength will suffer from metal fatigue ...
Landfill Liner - Mechanical Properties - Tensile Strength
... Tensile strength represents the ability for a geomembrane to resist tensile stress ... Geomembranes are most commonly tested for tensile strength using one of three methods the uniaxial tensile test described in ASTM D639-94, the wide-strip tensile ... The multiaxial tensile test provides a plane stress boundary condition at the edges of the sample ...
Tube (fluid Conveyance) - Calculation of Strength
... For a tube of silicone rubber with a tensile strength of 10 MPa and a 8 mm outer diameter and 2 mm thick walls ... Outer diameter = 0.008 Wall thickness = 0.002 Tensile strength = 10 * 1000000 Pressure burst = (Tensile strength * Wall thickness * 2 / (10 * Outer diameter) ) * 10 Gives burst pressure of ... Using a safety factor Pressure max = (Tensile strength * Wall thickness * 2 / (10 * Outer diameter) ) * 10 / Safety_factor ...
Dual-phase Steel
... Dual-phase steel (DPS) is a high-strength steel that has a ferrite and martensitic microstructure ... matrix containing islands of martensite as the secondary phase (martensite increases the tensile strength) ... The desire to produce high strength steels with formability greater than microalloyed steel led the development of DPS in 1970s ...

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