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List Of Monk Characters - Recurring Characters and Special Appearances - Warrick Tennyson
... Warrick Tennyson First appearance "Mr ... Portrayed by Frank Collison Information Gender Male Warrick Tennyson was a career criminal and explosives expert who was hired to build the bomb in 1997 which killed Trudy (Monk's wife) ... Dale the Whale tells Monk that Tennyson was involved in the murder, in "Mr ...
List Of Ranger's Apprentice Characters - Minor Characters - Tennyson
... Tennyson is a criminal that makes a religious cult and goes around fooling people into believing his false god (Alseiass, the Golden God) and eventually tricking them out of their precious ... but Will uses Malcolm's entire batch of smoke bomb devices to force a cave in of Tennyson's preaching cave ... During the cave in, Tennyson falls into the rocks and is killed ...
Mariana (poem) - Themes
... Tennyson's poems traditionally rely on the use of visual imagery for effect ... In Mariana, Tennyson instead emphasizes auditory imagery that serves to emphasize her solitude ... In contrast to Tennyson's other poems, including The Lady of Shalott, there is no movement within Mariana ...
Tennyson, Texas
... Tennyson is an unincorporated community in southeastern Coke County, Texas, United States ... Although Tennyson is unincorporated, it has a post office, with the ZIP code of 76953 the ZCTA for ZIP Code 76953 had a population of 64 at the 2000 census ... Named for Alfred, Lord Tennyson by an English settler who arrived in 1882, the community received a post office in 1892 ...
Mariana (poem)
... Mariana is a poem by Alfred, Lord Tennyson published in 1830 ... The poem follows a common theme in much of Tennyson's work—that of despondent isolation ... in William Shakespeare's Measure for Measure, but the lover of Tennyson's Mariana does not return at the end of the poem ...

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    Sunset and evening star,
    And one clear call for me!
    And may there be no moaning of the bar,
    When I put out to sea,
    —Alfred Tennyson (1809–1892)

    From land to land; and in my breast
    Spring wakens too; and my regret
    Becomes an April violet,
    And buds and blossoms like the rest.
    —Alfred Tennyson (1809–1892)

    Cursed be the social wants that sin against the strength of youth!
    Cursed be the social lies that warp us from the living truth!
    —Alfred Tennyson (1809–1892)