Temanggung Regency - Culture and Tourism

Culture and Tourism

  • Gondosuli Temple - A newly discovered temple located 13 km from the town of Temanggung.
  • Kledung - a highly scenic pass between Mount Sumbing (3371 M) and Mount Sundoro (3133 M), it is crossed at around 2340 M, and the views are great. Located 20 km from Temanggung, It is excellent site for relaxing and mountaineering. Bungalows and other accommodation are available.
  • Jumprit - a pool on the slope of Mount Sundoro, located 22 km from Temanggung. The water is cool and clean, and to some meditators considered as a holy place. The scenery here is very beautiful.
  • Pringapus Temple- located near Jumprit. It was built by Sanjaya kingdom.
  • Pakitan and Parakan - two small pleasant towns in the regency. Pakitan is situated between the hills, it has a cool climate.
  • Meteorit - located in Wonotirto subdistrict Bulu.
  • Water Fall Trocoh / Curug Trocoh - Located in Wonoboyo.

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