Television - Sales of Televisions

Sales of Televisions

North American consumers purchase a new television every seven years, and the average household owns 2.8 televisions. As of 2011, 48 million are sold each year, at an average price of $460 and size of 38 inches.

Worldwide large-screen television technology brand revenue share in Q1, 2012
Rank Manufacturer DisplaySearch
1 SAMSUNG 26.0%
2 LG 14.6%
3 Sony 9.4%
4 Sharp Corporation 6.5%
5 Panasonic 5.3%
Others 38.3%
Worldwide TV Shipments by Technology in Q1, 2012
Technology DisplaySearch
LCD TV 84.2%
PDP TV 5.8%
OLED TV 0.0%
CRT TV 9.9%
RPTV 0.0%
Total 100%

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