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Laws Of Technical Systems Evolution
... The laws of technical systems evolution are the most general evolution trends for technical systems discovered by TRIZ author G ... Altshuller studied the way technical systems have been invented, developed and improved over time ... There are two concepts of ideality ideality as a leading pathway of a technical system's evolution, and ideality as a synonym of "ideal final result", which ...
Laws Of Technical Systems Evolution - History
... Studying paths of evolution of technical systems has been a primary research method of TRIZ since its inception ... Altshuller consolidated them into a new section of TRIZ that he called "the laws of technical systems evolution" ... studied patterns of energy conductivity in technical systems), Vladimir Asinovsky (proposed principles of correspondence of various components of technical systems), Yevgeny Karasik ...
Laws Of Technical Systems Evolution - System of Laws - General Information
... In his pioneering work of 1975, Altshuller subdivided all laws of technical systems evolution into 3 categories Statics – describes criteria of viability of newly created ... Kinematics – defines how technical systems evolve regardless of conditions ... Dynamics – defines how technical systems evolve under specific conditions ...

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