Teaux Derivative

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teaux Derivative - Linearity and Continuity
... At each point u ∈ U, the Gâteaux differential defines a function This function is homogeneous in the sense that for all scalars α However, this ... Furthermore, for Gâteaux differentials that are linear and continuous in ψ, there are several inequivalent ways to formulate their continuous differentiability ... function F of two real variables defined by This is Gâteaux differentiable at (0, 0), with its differential there being However this is continuous but not linear in the arguments (a,b) ...
teaux Derivative
... In mathematics, the Gâteaux differential or Gâteaux derivative is a generalization of the concept of directional derivative in differential calculus ... Named after René Gâteaux, a French mathematician who died young in World War I, it is defined for functions between locally convex topological vector spaces ... Like the Fréchet derivative on a Banach space, the Gâteaux differential is often used to formalize the functional derivative commonly used in the calculus of ...

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