Team Plasma

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Pokémon Black 2 and White 2 - Plot
... White 2 once again features the antagonistic Team Plasma, whom the player first encounters while running an errand, and later when traveling to the ... the player helps Burgh track down more Team Plasma members in the sewers of Castelia City, where the player meets Colress (Achroma (アクロマ, Akuroma?) in Japan) for ... Later, it is revealed that the new Team Plasma has stolen a Purrloin the player's rival was planning on giving to his sister, which makes the rival angry towards the organization ...
Pokémon Crime Syndicates - Team Plasma - Colress
... He is the leader of Team Plasma, acting under Ghetsis' orders, in its new goal to take over the world ... After the player becomes the Champion, he and the rest of Team Plasma express remorse on their previous actions and decide to put an end to their ambitions ... He can be found at Team Plasma's frigate, now under his command and docked at the P2 Laboratory, and can be challenged on a daily basis ...

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