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Intelligent Tutoring System - History of ITS - Early Mechanical Systems
... The possibility of intelligent machines have been discussed for centuries ... Blais Pascal created the first calculating machine capable of mathematical functions in the 17th century simply called Pascal's Calculator ... At this time the mathematician and philosopher Leibniz envisioned machines capable of reasoning and applying rules of logic to settle disputes (Buchanan, 2006) ...
B. F. Skinner - Inventions - Teaching Machine
... The teaching machine was a mechanical device whose purpose was to administer a curriculum of programmed instruction ... Skinner advocated the use of teaching machines for a broad range of students (e.g ... Another of the multiple machines he envisioned could teach rhythm A relatively simple device supplies the necessary contingencies ...

Famous quotes containing the words machine and/or teaching:

    Goodbye, boys; I’m under arrest. I may have to go to jail. I may not see you for a long time. Keep up the fight! Don’t surrender! Pay no attention to the injunction machine at Parkersburg. The Federal judge is a scab anyhow. While you starve he plays golf. While you serve humanity, he serves injunctions for the money powers.
    Mother Jones (1830–1930)

    The discipline of the Old Testament may be summed up as a discipline teaching us to abhor and flee from sin; the discipline of the New Testament, as a discipline teaching us to die to it.
    Matthew Arnold (1822–1888)