TDT may refer to:

  • TDT (TV station), a digital television station in Tasmania, Australia
  • Terminal deoxynucleotidyl transferase, a specialized DNA polymerase expressed in immune cells
  • Terrestrial Dynamical Time, an obsolete name for Terrestrial Time
  • Time domain transmissometry, a method of testing transmission lines
  • Toronto Dance Theatre
  • Transmission disequilibrium test, a family-based genetic association test

Other articles related to "tdt":

Terminal Deoxynucleotidyl Transferase - Uses
... In immunohistochemistry, antibodies to TdT can be used to demonstrate the presence of immature T and B cells and multipotent haematopoietic stem cells, which ... While TdT-positive cells are found in small numbers in healthy lymph nodes and tonsils, the malignant cells of acute lymphoblastic leukaemia are also TdT positive, and the antibody can therefore be used as ...
TDT (TV Station)
... Tasmanian Digital Television (TDT, callsign TDT-11) is a digital television station in Tasmania, Australia ...
TDT (TV Station) - Programming
... Cross would drop one of its affiliations (either Seven or Ten) and TDT would pick it up or TDT would also become a dual Seven and Ten affiliate, and carry the ... its existing programming, so the agreement TDT signed with the Ten Network still allows Southern Cross to have 'first pick' of Ten programming ... networks wish to broadcast a program, Southern Cross must broadcast it at the same time as TDT ...
This Day Tonight - Overview
... When TDT premiered in 1967 it was the first regular nightly current affairs program on Australian TV, and it extended ABC’s award-winning coverage of current affairs, which had begun in the early 1960s ... TDT was hosted for the first eight years by journalist Bill Peach ... TDT was renowned for its hard-hitting interviews, a craft brought to a high degree of perfection by Carlton and Negus the program subjected Australian politicians to a novel degree of questioning and raised ...
Transmission Disequilibrium Test - The Case of Trios: One Affected Child Per Family - Description of The Test
... We first describe the TDT in the case where families consist of trios (two parents and one affected child) ... The TDT measures the over-transmission of an allele from heterozygous parents to affected offsprings ... Transmitted allele a b a + b c d c + d Total a + c b + d 2n The derivation of the TDT shows that one should only use the heterozygous parents (total number b+c) ...